At The Cookery, we strive to incorporate local ingredients into our menu as much as possible. There are certain locally raised or produced items that are consistently featured on our menu, such as cherries, beef (for our burgers), and whitefish.  Other ingredients come and go with the seasons.  With the summer growing season in full force, we are able to incorporate additional local produce into our regular menu items. For example, when it is lettuce season, we use local lettuce. When it is tomato season, you will see local tomatoes in our salads and BLT sandwiches. We also feature local produce as our vegetable of the evening with our dinner entrees.

We have a variety of local producers that we buy from every week, such as Steep Creek Farms.  "Using sustainable and organic practices," Steep Creek Farms cultivates fresh produce such as cherry tomatoes, kale, swiss chard, beets and micro greens, all currently featured on our menu! The cherry tomatoes are being used in our salads and on our Caprese flatbread. The swiss chard and micro greens go into our lettuce blend for our salads. The beets are roasted and tossed into our Red Quinoa and Roasted Beet salad. And last but not least, the kale is featured in our Kale salad. 

With so many wonderful producers, markets, and farms, we make it a priority to feature the local ingredients of Door County on our menu. We are excited to have fall around the corner and a new bounty of local ingredients to infuse into our menu.

Learn more about Steep Creek Farms on their website or on Facebook.