Every runner knows one of the secrets to not hitting the infamous 'wall' during a long race is carbo-loading in the week leading up the race.  Digging into a delicious plate of pasta also seems like a reward for all the long hours of training leading up to the big day! 

The Door County Half Marathon falls on the first Saturday of May and brings hundreds of runners to Peninsula State Park for a beautiful, closed course run through the park.  Karin has run the race a number of times, and it's one of her favorite courses (including the notorious hills!).

On the Friday before race day, we offer several pasta options for runner's looking to fuel up for Saturday.  Fresh ingredients, healthy protein, and delicious pasta are the perfect combination to keep weary legs going long after the climb up Sven's Bluff.  Join us for dinner, starting at 4pm - and good luck on race day! 

Here's what we're offering this year:

Whole Wheat Linguine with Wild Shrimp: Wild shrimp sauteed with garlic, pimentón (Spanish paprika) and red pepper flakes, finished with dry sherry. Tossed with whole wheat linguine and garnished with parmesan.

Vegetarian Linguine: Seasonal vegetables sautéed with garlic, pimento (Spanish paprika) and red pepper flakes, finished with dry sherry and tossed with whole wheat linguine and parmesan.

Roasted Tomato Orecchiette: Orecchiette pasta baked with oven roasted cherry tomatoes, basil, garlic, crushed red pepper, ricotta and parmesan.

Add-ons: Grilled chicken breast or grilled wild salmon.