Our produce isn't the only local item on our menu! With the leaves changing and favors of fall on the menu, The Cookery's beverage menu is also infused with tasty local, fall beverages.

On the beer list we have two fall seasonal beers. On tap from Green Bay, we have Hinterland Oktoberfest, a Vienna style lager. It is "lightly filtered, golden brown, very malty and lightly hopped." Velvet smooth with rich flavor, it is the perfect lunch companion to our beef sliders or roasted pork nachos with pickled jalapeños.

We also have Door County Brewing Company's new fall season release, L'automne. Available in bottles, this farmhouse ale is a tribute to Door County's Belgian roots. With a "malty backbone," L'automne has "just the right amount of warm spice, bright citrus and a dry finish." Pair L'automne with any of our seafood dishes or our four berry baked brie for a delectable snack.

For the fruit lovers, we also have two local hard ciders on our list from Island Orchard Cider in Ellison Bay. The inspirations for Island Orchard's ciders comes from the dry styles ciders of northern France. They are dry with a subtle fruit flavor, making them a dramatic contrast to mass-produced American ciders. The first cider on The Cookery's list is the Brut Apple, a medium bodied, dry cider with a balance of fruit and tartness; pair the Brut Apple with our Wisconsin cheese plate for a true culinary tour of Wisconsin! The second, the Apple Cherry Cider, is a rose. The apple base gives this cider a nice body, while the tannins of the cherry give it a clean finish, a lovely compliment to our arugula salad.

Finally, on the non-alcoholic side of the beverages list, we are excited to be heating up apple cider from Orchard Country Winery. This warm, sweet drink will warm you up on a chilly fall morning with any of our organic, Wisconsin egg omelets!

Stop by to try one of these flavorful, fall sips! 

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