It is probably safe to say that The Cookery's whitefish chowder is one of our most popular menu items. In 2015 alone, we sold more than 31,000 cups/bowls of chowder!

The whitefish chowder has been on The Cookery's menu from the very beginning. During Dick and Carol's first season in 1977, they quickly learned that whitefish was one of the best local fish. Naturally, Carol wanted to create a chowder with the whitefish. With several clam chowder recipes, Carol went to the kitchen and came up with her version of whitefish chowder.

The chowder quickly became a customer favorite...and continues to be to this day! A few years ago we even put the chowder on our breakfast menu as part of our breakfast entree "Biscuits and Chowder." We have to give credit for this entree to one of our serves at the time, Gary. With customers asking for biscuits and gravy at breakfast, Gary suggested to Carol the we use our chowder instead of gravy. The item is quickly becoming a breakfast favorite for our chowder lovers!

Breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It's always chowder time at The Cookery!

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